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The deal execution plateform

Making Funds Flows both Secure and Easy

Collecting bank account details

If you find that exchanging bank account details via email - the least secure internet communication solution - with multiple parties copied and intermediaries involved is neither environmentally-friendly, efficient, nor secure, then the Deal Execution Platform is the solution for your transaction needs. Say goodbye to wasted time and frustrating call-backs, and trust in a secure and streamlined platform for your next transaction.

Collecting advisor invoices

The Deal Execution Platform uses state of the art OCR technologies to help advisors submit directly (and validate) the information needed for your Funds Flow. The PDF invoice, the pre-VAT and post-VAT numbers are stored on the platform, along the invoice bank details, and which can be associated to the advisor as a funds flow counterparty.

Funds Flow Builder

Building Funds Flows requires a clear and organized display of each cash transaction, with step-by-step sections for easy readability, as well as embedded checks to ensure that no bank account shows a negative cash balance. IBANs, Capital Accounts, Current Accounts, and other account types, regardless of the currency, are associated with relevant entities to ensure accuracy and prevent errors.


Cash balances, organized by account type and currency, are fully automated for greater efficiency and ease of use. Adjusting cash transactions up or down is simple and straightforward.


Creating extracts of the Funds Flow for specific counterparties is made easy, and soon transactions will be easily convertible into .XML EDI, SEPA, MT101, ISO20022 formats for funds flow banks to seamlessly integrate into their systems.


Additionally, the Deal Execution Platform allows for direct connection to your Excel Transaction Model, enabling you to update data as needed and ensuring a seamless transition between systems.

Validation workflow

The Deal Execution Platform utilizes a powerful workflow module that provides general workflow capabilities, but most importantly, is designed to ensure that each cash transaction (amounts and bank details) is validated through DocuSign by the two counterparties of the transaction. This innovative module replaces lengthy call-back procedures and guarantees a fraud-proof process as it relies on the individuals with the highest interest in the truthfulness of the data, to validate the transaction.


With the workflow module, the Project Admin can easily track open requests and through a tracking module, trace the source of all documents and/or validations received. This feature saves valuable time and effort that would otherwise be spent sifting through countless emails.

Choose the Deal Execution Platform to simplify your transaction process and ensure a secure and efficient experience for all parties involved.

Additionnal deal execution services

At the Deal Execution Group, we understand that deal teams and managers of acquired targets have more important tasks to focus on than dealing with the execution of deals. That's why we can offer Deal Execution services, inlcuding  (1) Opening of Bank Accounts, incl. AML/KYC, (2) Funds Flow building or assistance, (3) Deal Accounting, immediately post Closing, (4) Collection of VAT on advisor costs, (5) Accounting & Tax services for ManCos, and (6) Incorporation of Holding Cos.

Additionally, if you require a Deal Manager who can act as the Deal Captain on your transaction, we can provide you with the right transaction professional or connect you to someone who can meet your needs.

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