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Our Deal Execution Services

Help you close successfully and focus on shareholder value creation

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Close model

We oversee all quantitative aspects of transactions, encompassing share quantities and wired amounts, to support our fund flow through the Close Model.

_ Signing to Closing

Funds flow

Through the Deal Execution Platform, we efficiently collect essential documents, including KYC, bank accounts, and invoices, construct the funds flow, share it with pertinent stakeholders, and obtain formal validation.

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We offer comprehensive management of funds flow logistics, from initiating bank account openings to monitoring execution on the day of Closing.

_ Signing to Closing

Cap tables

After Closing, we digitize the cap tables for the new structure and keep them regularly updated on a quarterly basis.

Post closing _

Exit model

We construct a Waterfall / Valuation model that links to the up-to-date cap tables for quarterly valuation needs.

Post closing _

Purchase accounting

We assist the Target CFO in recording transaction-related accounting entries in accordance with local GAAP.

Post closing _

VAT collection

We assist the Target CFO in reclaiming VAT on transaction costs.

Post closing _

Bookkeeping of ManCos

We can manage bookkeeping and tax filing matters for the ManCos.

Post closing _

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