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The Deal Execution Plateform

Making Funds Flows both Secure and Easy

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Collecting bank account details

If emailing bank details with multiple parties and intermediaries feels insecure, inefficient, and unfriendly to the environment, the Deal Execution Platform is your secure, streamlined solution, eliminating wasted time and frustration.

Collecting advisor invoices

The Deal Execution Platform employs advanced OCR tech for advisors to submit and validate their invoices directly.

Funds Flow Builder

To build Funds Flows effectively, we offer clear and organized cash (and non-cash) transaction displays with embedded checks to prevent negative account balances. Additionally, our Deal Execution Platform connects directly to your Excel Transaction Model for seamless data updates and transitions.

Validation Workflow

The Deal Execution Platform features a robust workflow module designed to validate cash transactions through DocuSign by the two counterparties, replacing call-back procedures and enhancing security.

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