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Technology as an asset


Secured hosting and communication

Our hosting services are carefully selected to meet the highest standards of reliability and security. We leverage established nameplate providers, such as AWS in Paris, France, which are widely trusted by financial institutions for their robustness and scalability. In addition, we offer the flexibility to choose from a variety of alternative providers, such as Jaguar, Scaleway, or Outscale, to suit your specific needs. If desired, we can also host the platform on your own organization's private cloud, providing complete control over the hosting environment.

Rest assured that regardless of the hosting option chosen, we maintain stringent security measures to protect your data and ensure uninterrupted access to our platform.


Secured technologies

Our platform implements robust security measures to ensure the safety and privacy of our users' data. We require 2-step authentication with both Text/SMS and Password, providing an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access. All validated documents undergo digital signature to guarantee authenticity and prevent tampering. Furthermore, all data communication is conducted through data encryption, which ensures that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized parties.


We utilize a Strongly-Typed architecture for programming, ensuring that our codebase is resilient to errors and exploits. To further enhance security, each instance of our software is isolated from one another using Docker containers.


In the near future, we plan to implement Biometrics recognition for onboarding and final validation of transactions. We will also implement a double-check of identity with OCR of ID documents, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access our platform.


State of the art, up to date

Website programming: Python, PHP, Typescript and Angular (switch to React in April 2023) ; OCR: Tesseract / Python ; Digital signatures: DocuSign ; SMS sending: Twilio


Secured App developers

We have chosen to outsource the development of the DEP to KrisTech and memCrab (, who specialize in backend/frontend development, security, and DevOps. These expert teams bring years of experience to the project, ensuring that the DEP is developed to the highest standards of quality and functionality. We maintain close communication with our partners to ensure that development progress is transparent, and that our vision for the platform is fully realized.

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