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Training program

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As of December 2022, the people behind The Deal Execution Group have successfully processed close to 75 billion euros worth of Sources and Uses. Through our extensive experience, we have gained valuable insights and lessons that we want to share with you. Our mission is to help you become an expert in modeling or reviewing Funds Flows, because ultimately, our goal is to secure all transactions.

That’s why we have devised a training program focusing on:

  • The Funds Flow process with the key concepts and numerical/practical examples - The concepts (e.g. Purchase price, waterfall, S&U, cap tables, ...) are presented on slides and explained with actual examples, extracts from SPA, etc. The numerical examples are displayed under Excel, with the Excel file being communicated to participants for future reference.

  • The information you need, where to start, what to do till Completion - There are so many things to think about, and computational elements that are interconnected that it is critical to have a clear view of the required standard outputs, and the associated inputs needed.

  • How to use the Deal Execution Platform to deliver the Funds Flows easily and securely - The objective is to showcase rapidly how the ideal Funds Flow works, through the DEP by helping you save time, and above all secure the process.

  • When to start pouring Champagne to celebrate Closing - Typically the easy part, although you may want to keep a bit of clarity to check the SWIFT confirmations before they are passed on to the Sellers' Counsels.

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